1Mary Magdalene was ______ to see Jesus alive (5)
2John did this with water (8)
6Jesus went here 10 days before Pentecost (6)
7The Holy Spirit is the ________ of the Father (7)
8After his resurrection Jesusd __________ to his disciples (8)
13New Testament book written by Luke (4)
14On Sunday morning Mary Magdalene discovered Jesus was ______ (5)
16Jesus met seven disciples by this lake (7)
17The twelve apostles were _______ by Jesus (6)
18The disciples were told to wait here (9)
19The twelve disciples were called________ (8)


1Some thing only the _______ knows (6)
3Jesus was with the disciples for 40 of these (4)
4The disciples wanted Jesus to _______ the kingdom of Israel (7)
5Opposite direction of go (4)
9Given to Jesus in Matthew 28:18 (9)
10Jesus ______ in a cloud (8)
11The disciples were to recieve power to beome (9)
12Person to whom Luke addressed Acts (10)
15Jesus taught about the _________ of God (7)
17Jesus disappeared in this (5)



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